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NEW! DynaVibe GX2 - Prop Balancer and Vibration Analyzer

The DynaVibe GX will help you balance your prop assembly faster! But when prop balancing isn't enough, the advanced vibration analysis features of the GX2 will help you isolate complex aircraft vibration issues so you can get to the root of the problem. At $3,995 full-featured analysis has never been so affordable!

DynaVibe Classic for Fixed Wing Aircraft

At just $1,495 the DynaVibe classid is the simple and affordable propeller balancer. A balanced prop puts less stress on you, your engine and your airframe.

DynaVibe Classic for Rotorcraft

Balance your helicopter main rotor, tail rotor, gyro propellers or fixed wing propellers with the Rotorcraft version of the DynaVibe classic. Get the mag and phase information you need for use with polar charts without breaking the bank.

"Wow, I can't believe the difference! I didn't realize how rough my ride was, assuming that much of the vibration was coming straight from the engine. But, when Brian Wallis worked his DynaVibe magic on my prop, the airplane really smoothed out. Cross-country is so much less fatiguing now, and it's obvious that there's less stress on the airplane."

- Elgin Wells, "Starjammer"

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