Automated Balancer & Analyzer
Advanced Helicopter Optical Blade Tracker
Affordable Vibration Surveys 

DynaVibe Classic

"The Affordable Prop Balancer"
Eliminate the #1 contributor of aircraft-damaging vibration: propeller imbalance. 

Get simple, get Classic. Only $1495.
Reducing aircraft vibration levels by 54% can decrease maintenance requirements as much as 38%.

- US Army & Sikorsky Report 73-11

DynaVibe gx3

"Powerful, Automated Dynamic Balancer & Vibration Analyzer"
The GX3 targets out-of-balance components and learns from each test run, making precise weight adjustment recommendations that get you back in the air as quickly as possible.

With full-spectral analysis, and optional rotorcraft and turbine-specific accessories, the GX3 is one of the most versatile and powerful aircraft maintenance tools available.
"Before balancing the propeller, I placed my hand on the panel and could feel the airplane vibrating during the run-up. 

After only a SINGLE measurement and weight adjustment to the propeller based upon the readings and recommendations from the Dynavibe GX propeller balancing system, the vibration was eliminated. 

I couldn't be happier - the Dynavibe propeller balancing system is easy to use and very effective." 

-Marc Brockhaus
"Track & Balance - Simplified"
Rotorcraft Mode
Record vibration and track data from
up to 8 conditions per flight using
the DynaVibe GX3's Rotorcraft
​Track & Balance mode.
Optical Tracking
Optical blade tracking is quick and easy using the DynaTrack optical tracking accessory for the DynaVibe GX3.
"The helicopter industry can be described as a family of professionals working together to do amazing things. The DynaVibe team is no exception and is always there to make sure our aircraft are airborne everyday.”

-Ryan McCue
Ketchikan Helicopters

Turbine Vibe Survey Kit

"Accurate, Affordable Vibration Surveys
for Turbine Engines"

Ideal for Williams Jet Service Centers, our cost-effective vibration survey solution for turbine engines maintains accuracy up to 1.2 million CPM and utilizes our proprietary, high-frequency, flat response sensor to deliver accurate and reliable vibration measurements.