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dynavibe gx3 & DynaTrack - Track and Balance System
The DynaVibe GX3 and DynaTrack accessory measures up to two channels of vibration plus blade track and logs results from up to 8 flight conditions per flight.
Track & Balance - Simplified
Built-in setup information for most helicopters.
Simple setup.  Simple menus.  Clear measurements.

DynaVibe GX3 - Balancer & Vibration Analyzer

Frustrated with the track and balance process?
The GX3 has minimal menus, is easy to set up, and gives clear vibration and track readings when used with the DynaTrack optical blade tracker.
Vibration Measurement
The DynaVibe GX3 has multiple modes to help you balance main rotors, tail rotors, and other rotating components.
Rotorcraft Mode
Easy setup, acquisition, and result logging for up to 8 flight conditions per flight.
single pilot/ operator
Acquisition can be triggered by the pilot using a remote push-to-talk button, enabling single pilot/operator operation.
Optical Blade Track (option)
Optically track main rotor blades using the DynaTrack accessory (sold separately or as part of a kit).
Track - balance - or both
 Simultaneously acquire blade track and ship vibration while measuring in a hover or forward flight.

DynaTrack - Optical Blade Tracker

The DynaTrack accessory adds optical blade tracking capability to the DynaVibe GX3, seamlessly integrating blade track measurements while using the DynaVibe GX3's Rotorcraft Mode.
Optical blade tracking
Optically track blades on the ground, in a hover, and in forward flight.
dynavibe gx3 accessory
The DynaTrack is an optical tracking accessory for the DynaVibe GX3 and works with the GX3's Rotorcraft Mode to add optical blade track measurements.
Easy Setup
The DynaTrack's built-in helicopter library automatically configures the system for many common models.  Other rotor systems can be input simply by entering the blade chord and diameter.
Bluetrack technology
The DynaTrack's BlueTrack technology reduces interference from shadows and uneven sky conditions, making optical blade tracking faster, easier, and less frustrating. 
Convenient, One Button Acquisition
Remote push-to-talk button operation enables track & vibe acquisition with a single pilot-operator.
Watch The Track & Balance Trailer
Tracking and balancing a Robinson R22 Helicopter using the DynaVibe GX3 and DynaTrack Optical Tracker.
Balance Everything
Main rotors, tail rotors, shafts, & accessories.
​" It is amazing how smooth my Safari is after using the DynaVibe & DynaTrack.  I'm averaging 0.05 IPS in forward flight!  :) :) :) :)"

- Bill Johnson, Wichita, KS
Want to know more?
Can I track & balance with just the DynaVibe GX3?
The DynaVibe GX3 has a Rotorcraft Mode that can be used with or without the DynaTrack Optical Tracking System.  When using the DynaVibe GX3's Rotorcraft Mode, the DynaVibe acquires up to 8 sets of vibration and track data.  If a DynaTrack is not detected then the DynaVibe just acquires vibration data.
Do I need a DynaVibe to use the DYnaTrack?
Yes. The DynaTrack is an accessory for the DynaVibe GX3 that adds optical blade tracking capability. 
Can The Dynatrack be used with a Classic or  GX2?
The DynaVibe Classic is not compatible with the DynaTrack accessory but we do offer trade-in credit if you wish to upgrade to a DynaVibe GX3.  Call us for details.

If you have a DynaVibe GX2, it can be upgraded at no charge to a DynaVibe GX3 when you purchase a DynaTrack.  Depending on the age of your GX2, the hardware may or may not need to be returned to the factory to complete the upgrade.

How does the DynaTrack mount?
The DynaTrack is mounted to the windscreen with a convenient suction mount.  The mount itself is removable and custom mounts can be easily fabricated by the user if needed.
Will the system work with my helicopter?
The DynaVibe GX3 and DynaTrack can be used on most helicopters and we are constantly adding new application notes for each type of ship.  Contact us for more information!

Application Notes & Manuals

Track & Balance Application Notes are available for many specific helicopters: Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell 206 - Jet Ranger

Request access to our growing library of rotorcraft application notes below!
access library
​" I used the DynaVibe GX3 and DynaTrack on 2 ships down at the Fly-In. Works slick!"

- Homer Bell, 40+ year helicopter builder

Robinson R22 Track and Balance

Are you looking for information on tracking and balancing a Robinson R22?  Check out our R22 Track & Balance page for a description of the process.
"We just bought the DynaVibe GX3 with the DynaTrack helicopter blade tracker.  We should have done this years ago!  Very user-friendly, small, lightweight, and comes with great documentation and customer support.  If you don’t have one, you should get one."
- Charlie Duchek, Midwest Helicopter