Step 2: verify initial track

Select "Robinson R22" from the DynaVibe's Rotorcraft Menu.  Then aim the tracker at around 70% of the blade span.   The span focal point is automatically measured and reported in the setup screen.
Measure the initial track in a hover using the DynaTrack.  The DynaVibe will flash "BUTTON TO CAPTURE NEXT" when the system is ready to take a reading.  Simply press the push-to-talk button to begin acquisition and hover until the acquisition cycle is complete.
The DynaVibe will report the DynaTrack out-of track reading.  Adjust the track using pitch-link adjustments according to the Robinson R22 Maintenance Manual, Section 10-230 (1).  

​Repeat until the blades track within 0.25 inches.
Easy Setup
The R22 setup information is built into the DynaVibe GX3's setup library which makes setup quick and easy.
Step 3: verify initial balance

Once the initial track is verified, take vibration readings in a hover for initial balance.
The DynaVibe will report the vibration magnitude in IPS, and the angle in degrees as well as clock angle.
Using the "Main Rotor Track and Balance Chart" given in the R22 maintenance manual page 10.29, adjust span and chord arm weights to balance below 0.2 IPS.
Step 4: verify track in forward flight

Acquire track data at 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 kts.
Press the DynaVibe's remove-mounted Push-To-Talk button for each reading.  The DynaVibe will store track and balance readings for up to 8 conditions per flight.
Adjust trim tabs to correct any climbing blades according to maintenance manual section 10.233
Step 5: iterate for final track and balance
Repeat the forward-flight track and hover balance procedures until track is within 3/8" and balance is with 0.2 IPS
Step 6: wrap up
Per Robinson's procedures for the R22, section 10-222:
- Check autorotational RPM
- Evaluate collective trim, longitudinal cyclic trim, and lateral trim
- Recheck the main rotor balance in a hover
Request our R22 Application Note
Email us and ask for our Robinson R22 application note that details the R22 track and balance process using the DynaVibe and DynaTrack.

R22 Track & Balance References

All information herein and in our application notes are based on the Robinson Maintenance Manual listed below.  In the event of any conflicting information, the Robinson Manual always supersedes all other information.
Robinson's R22 track and balance procedures can be found in chapter 10 of the maintenance manual which can be downloaded here.

RPX technologies offers an application note that more fully describes the track and balance process using the DynaVibe GX3 and DynaTrack.  It also includes procedures to balance the tail rotor and cooling fan.

The R22 application not is available for download upon request.  Request your copy by emailing us at  

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